Teekhaweb: Sneak peek
As you finish reading this line, more than 1500 websites would’ve been created worldwide. What’s the big deal? Well, hundreds of them will be competing with your site, every single second.

Unless you make people age backwards, getting them to visit and then come back to your site or page regularly is a challenge.

Talking of challenges, we at Teekhaweb Online Solutions (TOS) are always up for one. We like our digital communication and our pizza spicy. We are against stale, halfbaked, bland online marketing techniques. We believe “fresh” isn’t restricted to mangoes alone.

Our work isn’t out-of-the-box: it was never inside in the first place. We’re as comfortable mashing technology with ideas as we are in our psychedelic tees and harem pants.

You can also have a tete-a-tete with our suit-wearing, Blackberry-brandishing industry-pros if you want to talk strategy. Pants or no-pants, we increase the online reputation of your campaigns and digital assets which help you fetch a better effective ROI.

Welcome to TOS. Experience web the way it’s meant to be - really hot!

Curious fact

Do you know there were more than 600 million websites in December 2012
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